About me...

I started singing out of mere curiosity and attraction, inspired by the music which I listened to at that time (I still listen to that kind of music). I started singing in 1992 with a heavy metal band with roots in the Nazarenes Sacro. Shortly after that, I joined a blues band called La Rayband which was formed by Miguel Jiménez Sancho, Diego Ruiz Díez, Richard Santín, Juan Antonio Jiménez, Manolo Vergne y David García.  I was with them with them for nearly two years.  Since then and for a long time, I combined the work in Gala bands with activities in Blues, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Motown, Rock and Heavy Rock bands. 


My first contact with the jazz scene was Antonio García, a well-known guitarist at the Sevillian jazz scene who was introduced to me by the great sax player Javier Galisteo, whom unfortunately passed away a few years ago. Together, we formed the duet McCloud & Jones. The duet played at different hotels and in many of the well known pubs and concert halls of the Sevillian jazz scene. Sometimes, Javier and my very good friend Diego Ruiz, joined forces with us.


After the duet broke up, I went on with the jazz, singing with musicians such as Pepe Frías, Manolo Torres, Aquiles del Campo, Félix Roquero, Miguelo Delgado, Álvaro Gandul, Javier Galisteo, Dani Galiano, José María Tornero, Javier Delgado, José Gómez, Javier Repiso, Casi Rivas, Jaime Serradilla, Óscar Pantalone, Gerry di Crescenzo or Vicky Luna, to name just a few.


As I got known at the Sevillian heavy and rock scene, Storm, the famous band that supported Queen in the 70', asked me to be their singer along with their leader, Ángel Ruíz. My time in Storm, nonetheless, was not long, due to the breaking-up of the band. 


Shortly after, I became a member of the blues band Blues de Bellota, performing with them for two years. With them I performed all over Spain, singing at blues festivals such as Festival Internacional de Blues de Cazorla, (Cazorla's International Bluesfest), Festival Internacional de Blues de Nou Barris (Barcelona), Festival Internacional Rock and River, in Puente Genil, the Punta Umbría's Jazz Festival, Huelva and nearly one hundred live shows in concert rooms and pubs. 


Around that time, I collaborated with solo musicians or bands such as Lolo Ortega, Nani Conde, Quique Bonal, Melo, Javian, Virginia Maestro, Mingui Muñoz, Sistema, Katie King, O'Funkillo, Travellin' Band, Dark Crown, Evassion, Attack, Manolo Nieto, José Luis Chacón, Pepe Delgado, Ito Soto, Chiqui Mingo, Manuel Sierra del Pino, The Blues Intruders or Vicente Domínguez . Moreover, I have collaborated in studio recordings with bands such as Jarto de Tó, Guarida,  Saurom, Wild Chain, Mr. Lucky Y Los Hermanos Roncha o Andabluses, amongst others.


Around 2009, I moved to London where I worked with great minds like Liis Hirvoja, Elin Klingfors, Maja Rivic, George Karpasitis, Stephen Hay, David Horler, Graeme Airth, Eikel Venegas, Roger Baptiste, Ondrej Vomacka, Jack Painting, John O'Sullivan, Lorena Cachito, Mak Murtic, Tamela Bwalya, Hamish Balfour, Roger Bolt, Tony Hoffman, Barry Rosen, Dek Messecar, Josh Stadlen, Michelle Drees, Justin Stephenson, Jane Fraser, Alice Southwood, Sarah Goodwin, Cameron Campbell, Louis Vause, Alan McCulloch, Patrick Sheeran, Ed Green, Pete Ellis, Kurt-Michael Boeck, Matthew Forbes, Cyro Zuzi, Simon Pires, Xande Maricota, Simon Mitchell , Ian Fernandes, Roy Stewart... amongst many other great musicians.


For three years I was part of the Big Girls Blues Band, a soulful party band which played all around London and surroundings. Nowadays, I still work with them every now and then. Alternating my job with the BGBB, I was lucky enough to be part of Justin Stephenson's project, J-Funk, in which I did backing vocals. I can also highlight my collaboration with the famous British guitarist Tony Rémy who I work frequently with in Scandinavia.

After finishing my studies for the Vocals Higher National Certificate in Music Performance at the London Centre of Contemporary Music, I moved to Berlin, Germany. Over there, I have worked with many musicians all around the german country, highlighting appearances in the well known Quasimodo Jazz Club or The Waldorf Astoria Grand Opening Party. 


Is in 2013 when I move back to Seville and I start working with the Casa del Blues de Sevilla as their Vocal Coach, activity that finishes in 2017, when I start leading my own studio teaching vocals.

During the summer of 2019 II worked as the female singer of the house band at Teatro Ibiza, former Teatro Pereira (Ibiza).


My main projects at the moment are, Kid Carlos Band , integrated by Carlos Moreno, Lalu Cordón and Stefano di Rubbo,  with whom I recorded an album tribute to Freddie King. MsJones, a personal project and variable concept of line-up, floating mainly around swing, jazz and blues. Undo Trois, a minimalistic and eclectic trio with my very good friends Vicky Luna and Dani Cortés. Ofunkillo, working with them since 2016 as one of their backing vocalists  and with whom I recorded  their last two albums.

Late, in 2018, I started working with Blues Train, a band formed by first-line musicians in the blues scene, both national and internationally. We just got our first album together out.

More recently, I started a project with the guitarists and vocalists Abbi Fernández and Maite Herrera. The project, called SWAMP, goes around southern, folk and americana music. 


Meanwhile, life and music keep happening. Non stop...



Stay on for more updates about my projects!!